Notice of monthly fee change (effective for play in September 2018 onwards)

Summarised version of email that went out to members 20-Aug-18. 

Dear Racqueteers,

The management committee met last week to discuss the financial state of the club since the new fee structure was implemented in May [2018].Unfortunately the current fees with our current member numbers are not sufficient to meet the club’s basic operating expenses (court bookings). To summarize it: we’ve had a net loss of funds the last two months and our August member numbers have taken a dip meaning we will almost certainly be at a loss for this month as well.

For this reason we are proposing an immediate increase in monthly membership fees that will take effect for play in September and moving forward.  At current membership numbers in order to reliably meet monthly court booking expenses we need to increase the once weekly rate to $30/month and the twice weekly rate to $45/month. Assuming regular play this works out to an increase of $2.50 per session if paying once weekly or an increase of $1.88 per session if paying twice weekly.  The casual play fee of $15/session will remain unchanged.

Promoting membership and maintaining accessibility to the club is one of our primary aims so it is important for us to know if the proposed change in fees will discourage anyone from continuing to play. Please let us know if this presents a significant barrier.


The Racqueteers Management Committee


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